Shun Thros

Peripheral Microcatheter (Shun Thros)


High stiffness: the catheter tube with high stiffness is designed for complex or calcified lesions.

Torqueability: high-torque design and precise manipulation.

Sselectability: special tapered tip improves selectability and can open blocked vessels to support the guidewire cross small and tortuous vessels.

Trackability and Radiopaque visibility: the tip with spaced three radiopaque markers significantly facilitate fluoroscopic visualization of catheter distal tip and enhances trackability.

Lubricity: Hydrophilic coating enhances navigation through tortuous anatomy.

The cross section of the catheter is 3-layer structure, providing excellent pushability, torsion and support force, and the PTFE inner cavity provides smooth intervention channel.

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Registration information:

Medical device manufacturer:Shunmei Medical Co.,Ltd
► ISO 13485 Certificate
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