Pocath Aspiration catheter


Multi-level segmented structure, strong proximal support, smooth transition section, smooth torque transmission, designed with a soft section at the distal end, excellent crossability and can be delivered to the farther lesion location;

Large inner lumen design, compatible with more devices and provide greater aspiration force;

Nickel-titanium coiling spring and stainless steel braiding design, Kink-resistance and innner lumen ovalization-resistance

Special design of distal end, with good shaping ability and shaping retention ability;

Distal end is designed with 600mm hydrophilic coating section, to reduce vascular damage;

Fish mouth design of distal end, reduce vascular damage, and excellent resistance to negative pressure;

The product also has a large inner diameter of the 8F specification to provide a strong aspiration ability.

Registration Information

Registration information:

Medical device manufacturer:Shunmei Medical Co.,Ltd
► ISO 13485 Certificate

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