Newcath Neuro Balloon Dilatation Catheter


Excellent crossability: the design of balloon thin wall and soft tip provide excellent crossability after the balloon folding and minimum to 0.016 " lead-in outer diameter;

Special balloon design: from the raw material formula of balloon body, extrusion process to balloon molding, all use optimized design and process to ensure the supply of balloon excellent softness, flexibility, compliance and pressure resistance, to meet the 20 times of fatigue tests without breaking and ensure safety;

Very small balloon diameter: the minimum diameter of intracranial balloon up to 1.0MM, can be more suitable for intracranial small and tortuous vessels;

Multi-section folding design: can make the diameter of the balloon smaller after the balloon folding, to provide excellent crossability;

Good deliverablity: proximal metal tube body and distal polymer tube body smooth transition, providing good deliverablity;

Excellent lubricity: proximal tube body surface is coated with hydrophobic coating, distal tube body and balloon surface are coated with ultra-slippery hydrophilic coating, providing excellent lubricity

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Registration information:

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