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PTA Balloon Dilatation Catheter

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Excellent crossability: the design of balloon thin wall and soft tapered tip provide excellent crossability after the balloon folding, while minimizing the damage to the blood vessel wall;

Good folding performance: 3 or 5 section folding design provides excellent traceability of balloon products after folding;

Special ballon body design: the ballon body is designed by special procedures, which can take into account the high rated burst pressure and smooth deliverablity, and the strong ballon body can ensure passing through complex calcified lesions, At the same time, it can ensure several repeated pressurization without rupture, so as to ensure safety;

Excellent radiopaque visibility: two platinum-iridium radiopaque marker bands are designed in the ballon body, and the balloon expansion area is defined by the outer edges of the two radiopaque marker bands;

Good deliverablity: the distal outer body and distal Inner body adopt coaxial design,the large inner lumen allows for full and rapid pressurizing and depressurizing, the materials is nylon and PEBAX, providing good deliverablity;

Excellent lubricity: the distal tube body and balloon surface are coated with ultra-slippery hydrophilic coating, which provide excellent lubricity and deliver the balloon to more complex and more distal lesions;

Smooth connection of all parts of the product: the balloon and tube body are laser welded to ensure the smooth transition of the tip, balloon and outer tube.

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Registration information:

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