PTCA Guide Wire

PTCA Guide Wire(CTO)


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    Tip load:1.5g / 2.7g / 4.1g / 6.0g

    Tip radiopacity:3cm

    Effective length:190cm/300cm

    Tip coating material:Polymer jacket with hydrophilic coating

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    Tip load:2.0g / 4.0g / 6.0g

    Tip radiopacity:15cm

    Effective length:190cm

    Tip coating material:Hydrophilic with uncoating tip

    Tip diameterGA1: 0.26mm(0.010inch) image.png

    GA2: 0.28mm(0.011inch) image.png

    GA3: 0.30mm(0.012inch) image.png


    With good Tip shaping memory, Possible to select multiple vessels.

    Polymer Jacket & Hydrophilic coating is More smooth, increase the crossability and deliverability.

    Provides excellent radiopacity, flexibility and trackability.

    Multiple wire components to enhance durability and torque transmission.

    Smooth transition of core and taper body:provides better trackability, easily reach the distal lesion and enter the large angle side branch, effectively deal with all kinds of complex lesions.

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Registration information:

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