Shunmei Medical focuses on ESC(the European Society of Cardiology ) with you.

The ESC is a world leader in the discovery and dissemination of best practices incardiovascular medicine.We are a volunteer-led, not-for-profit medical society. Our members anddecision-makers are scientists, clinicians, nurses and allied professionalsworking in all fields of cardiology.

We unite 100,000 scientists,clinicians,nurses and alliedprofessionals across all cardiology subspecialties and career stages.

This unique network allows us to understand the impact ofcardiovascular disease and how we can better reduce its burden. ESC is anannual congress that takes turns in the major cities of European countries,it’sa great opportunity to show the “magic of cardiology”,The combination ofoffline conferences and online academic conferences of doctors from all overthe world,The themes of the conference include: visualization technology ofcardiovascular system, fine diagnosis and highly personalized treatmentmethods, colorful clinical case sharing, research sharing of technologies ofcardiovascular disease, etc.

This year marks the 70th anniversary of ESC and is being held inBarcelona as scheduled.The participating companies are mainly famous European andAmerican brands of vascular intervention , such as Medtronic, BostonScientific, Terumo, etc.

Shunmei Medical Co.,ltd has also been a participant at thisconference this year. Shunmei Medical Co.,ltd is mainly committed to theresearch and development, production and global sales of consumables related tocardiovascular intervention, peripheral intervention, neural intervention,anesthesia and severe disease.

        Each time Shunmei Medical Co.,ltd attends theconference, it will bring and display the latest cardiovascular-related guidewires, catheters, balloons, drug balloons and other medical equipment developedby the company.Finally, we wish you all a lot of success at the conference,