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Product features: 

►Good push ability and torsion control performance, accurately reach to desired location;
►Be with polyurethane with tungsten carbide plastic jacket protectively coated on full-length of core wire,
    is more flexible and radiopaque, little harming vessel;
►The distal end of core wire have three distal end shapes including straight, angled tip and J-tip, more
    easily go through vascular stenosis site;
►Hydrophilic coating outside the surface of the guide wire, ensure its excellent access ability and lubricity
   and further reduces friction to advance catheters more easily into peripheral vessel branches;
►Smooth surface minimizes trauma and platelet adhesion, providing superior navigation;
►Outer diameter: 0.018inch(0.46mm), 0.025inch(0.64mm), 0.032in(0.81mm), 0.035inch(0.89mm), 0.038inch(0.97mm) ,
    Length: 150cm, 180cm, 260cm.
Registration information: 

►Medical device name:Hydrophilic Guidewire
►Medical device manufacturing enterprise name:Shunmei Medical Co.,Ltd
►Medical device registration certificate number: Soon with certificate 

Ordering information: 

6263010.032*150cmangled tip
6263020.032*150cmstraight tip
6263030.035*150cmangled tip
6263040.035*150cmstraight tip
6263050.035*180cmangled tip
6263060.035*180cmstraight tip
6263070.035*260cmangled tip
6263080.035X260cmstraight tip
6263090.038X150cmangled tip
6263100.038X150cmstraight tip
6263110.038X180cmangled tip
6263120.038X180cmstraight tip
6263130.038X260cmangled tip
6263140.038X260cmstraight tip
6263150.032*180cmangled tip
6263160.032*180cmstraight tip
6263170.032*260cmangled tip
6263180.032*260cmstraight tip
6263190.018*150cmangled tip
6263200.018*150cmstraight tip
6263210.018*180cmangled tip
6263220.018*180cmstraight tip
6263230.018*260cmangled tip
6263240.018*260cmstraight tip
6263250.025*150cmangled tip
6263260.025*150cmstraight tip
6263270.025*180cmangled tip
6263280.025*180cmstraight tip
6263290.025*260cmangled tip
6263300.025*260cmstraight tip
6263310.018*150cmJ tip
6263320.018*180cmJ tip
6263330.018*260cmJ tip
6263340.025*150cmJ tip
6263350.025*180cmJ tip
6263360.025*260cmJ tip
6263370.032*150cmJ tip
6263380.032*180cmJ tip
6263390.032*260cmJ tip
6263400.035*150cmJ tip
6263410.035*180cmJ tip
6263420.035*260cmJ tip
6263430.038*150cmJ tip
6263440.038*180cmJ tip
6263450.038*260cmJ tip