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Product features: 

Easy to operate with excellent compliance;

It can provide sufficient supporting force for guiding the catheter;

The soft tip can reduce the damage to patients.

Registration information: 
CE Mark
Medical device name:Guidewire
Medical device manufacturing enterprise name:Shunmei Medical Co.,Ltd

Ordering information: 

6262010.018"*45cmJ tip
6262020.018"*50cmJ tip
6262030.018"*70cmJ tip
6262040.021"*45cmJ tip
6262050.021"*50cmJ tip
6262060.021"*70cmJ tip
6262070.035"*50cmJ tip
6262080.035"*60cmJ tip
6262090.035"*70cmJ tip
6262100.035"*45cmJ tip
6262110.021"*45cmJ tip
6262120.038"*70cmJ tip