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Product features: 

►The blue markings in the product makes it easy to pinpoint puncture point; 
►The product is equipped with a uniquely-designed syringe, which is more safe and convenient;
►The product's air injection volume is controlled using a syringe, which enables the precise control  of  
     hemostatic  pressure  at  the radial  artery, It  effectively solves the problem of difficulty and insecurity
     when using original hemostasis method. 


Registration information: 

►CE Mark
►Medical device name:TR closure band
►Medical device manufacturing enterprise name:Shunmei Medical Co.,Ltd
►Medical device registration certificate number:CFDA Approval No. 20172541296

Ordering information: 

629903Screw type
629904Air type ,length:24cm
629905Air type ,length:24.5cm
629906Air type ,length:27cm
619907Air type ,length:29cm