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Product features: 

►Using the super-tenacious Nitinol with twist resistance that can effectively prevent guide wire from twisting
    and knotting during insertion operation;
►Guide wire with PTFE coating on the surface can be conveniently advanced into lumen and go through 
    complex body curve for guiding;
►The design of blue and white spiral stripes is convenient to judge the movement state of guide wire 
    under endoscope;
►The tip of guide wire is good flexible so that prevent tissues from trauma;
►Guide wire can provide a super-strong support to be easy to control. 

Registration information: 

►CE Mark
►Medical device name:Zebra Guidewire
►Medical device manufacturing enterprise name:Shunmei Medical Co.,Ltd

Ordering information: 

6264010.032*150cmangled tip
6264020.032*150cmstraight tip
6264030.035*150cmangled tip
6264040.035*150cmstraight tip
6264050.035*180cmangled tip
6264060.035*180cmstraight tip
6264070.035*260cmangled tip
6264080.035*260cmstraight tip
6264090.038*150cmangled tip
6264100.038*150cmstraight tip
6264110.032*180cmangled tip
6264120.032*180cmstraight tip
6264130.032*260cmangled tip
6264140.032*260cmstraight tip
6264150.038*180cmangled tip
6264160.038*180cmstraight tip
6264170.038*260cmangled tip
6264180.038*260cmstraight tip
6264190.032*450cmangled tip
6264200.032*450cmstraight tip
6264210.035*450cmangled tip
6264220.035*450cmstraight tip
6264230.038*450cmangled tip
6264240.038*450cmstraight tip
6264250.035*120cmstraight tip