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PTFE 涂层导丝.jpg

Product features: 

►The PTFE coating makes the guidewire surface very smooth;

►Fortified core wire makes guidewire easy to insert vessel and uneasy to kink.

Registration information: 

►Medical device name:PTFE coated guide wire
►Medical device manufacturing enterprise name:Shunmei Medical Co.,Ltd
►Medical device registration certificate number: Soon with certificate 

Ordering information: 

6120010.032*150cmJ tip
6120020.032*150cmStraight tip
6120030.035*150cmJ tip
6120040.035*150cmStraight tip
6120050.038*150cmJ tip
6120060.038*150cmStraight tip
6120070.035*260cmJ tip
6120080.035*260cmStraight tip
6120090.032*180cmJ tip
6120100.032*180cmStraight tip
6120110.035*180cmJ tip
6120120.035*180cmStraight tip
6120130.038*180cmJ tip
6120140.038*180cmStraight tip
6120150.025*150cmJ tip
6120160.025*150cmStraight tip
6120170.028*150cmJ tip
6120180.028*150cmStraight tip
6120190.038*260cmJ tip
6121210.038*260cmstraight tip
6121190.032*260cmJ tip
6121200.032*260cmstraight tip
6121220.025*180cmJ tip
6121230.025*180cmStraight tip
6121240.025*260cmJ tip
6121250.025*260cmStraight tip
6121260.028*180cmJ tip
6121270.028*180cmStraight tip
6121280.028*260cmJ tip
6121290.028*260cmStraight tip